Offre surprise pour l'achat de 2 chemises et +
Offre surprise pour l'achat de 2 chemises et +
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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What fabric is used for BYF shirts?

All the fabrics used in the B.Y.F. are of GOTS certified organic origin. GOTS certified bleaching and dyeing. GOTS certification by Ecocert Greenlife SAS:

1. certified organic cotton poplin woven in France

1.Certified organic cotton chambray and poplin woven in France

2. What is Poplin?

Why Poplin? the term poplin comes from the ancient "papal" city of Avignon. Poplin is a supple, soft and light fabric, ideal for the summer season.

3. What is Chambray?

Why Chambray? The term chambray originates from the town of Cambray in northern France. Chambray is a very soft fabric which gives a "warm" feeling and is therefore perfect for spring. Chambray has the particularity of having a weaving allowing it to have a front of a different color from the back.

4. What is biological tissue?

The fabric used by BYF is cotton and it is cotton that is grown organically. That is, it is grown with natural compost which replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is GMO-free and the water consumption necessary for its cultivation is halved compared to conventional cotton.

5. Why use organic cotton?

Conventional cotton cultivation is also the most polluting on the planet. It consumes more than 20% of agricultural insecticides for only 2.5% of agricultural surfaces! The production of one kilo of cotton requires up to 29,000 liters of water and up to 30 treatments per year. And then, the working conditions of workers, even on the other side of the earth, are linked to our purchases.

Choosing organic cotton means contributing to the development of its culture, and therefore reducing the considerable impact of traditional cotton production on the environment.

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6. How to wash my shirt

Washing instructions

1. Select a "Delicate" or special "shirt" program

2. Wash gently cold to 30 degrees maximum

3. Spinning at a maximum speed of 800 rpm (tumble dryer not allowed)

4. Dry on a hanger to facilitate ironing.

5. Iron very hot.

Warning: Never put my beautiful shirt in the dryer, the organic cotton would be all irritated!

7. Why a brand name in English?

Having a brand name in English is 3 nods to B.Y.F. wanted to do:

1. English is the international language, it connects a lot of human beings on the planet, and admit it, it's great!

2. A nod also to the dear French culture - a clue: go see or re-watch the film "La Grande Vadrouille" and especially the bath scene. So? Does that mean anything to you? "But then…."

3. And finally to my past life which inspired me a lot: all French people who travel and who have to speak in English will have experienced the question "But You're French?". Reminds you of something, doesn't it?