Offre surprise pour l'achat de 2 chemises et +
Offre surprise pour l'achat de 2 chemises et +
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The textile inventory trap

Fabuleuse French Fabrique

20 May at 12:04 ·

🤔👔The textile inventory trap - Testimonial✒

This is the puzzle Odile is currently facing, like many other Made in France entrepreneurs.

She is the founder of the But You're French shirt brand, made from organic cotton in New Aquitaine. 🇫🇷

🌤Everything was going for the best at the start of 2020, the young brand had joined the prestigious circle of the French menu, the salons (main sales driver) were looking good. Confident, stocks have therefore been built up.

And then, the improbable happens and everything stops with COVID19😲

⏰ "It is the sustainability of the company in the short term that is at stake", Odile tells us. "To make ourselves useful and use our fabric, we have developed our masks, which also allowed us to keep in contact with certain customers"

Nevertheless, the situation is more than tense and Odile took it upon herself to launch an appeal: "But You're French needs you!" 🧵🙏

💪To relaunch the machine, the company has therefore decided to offer aggressive promotions while waiting to be able to rework on the new collection and prepare for the next MIF Expo - Le Salon du Made in France.
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