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Offre surprise pour l'achat de 2 chemises et +
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But You’re French company summary:

Brand Name: But You’re French

Corporate values : eco-responsibility, optimism, ethics and professionalism

Headquarter : Bordeaux, France

Acronym : B.Y.F.

Activities :

1. creation, manufacture and marketing of 100% organic cotton shirts and 100% made in France for men and women

2. creation, manufacture and marketing of articles in natural materials of organic or French origin and 100% made in France

Why create the But You’re French brand?

When we work in beautiful conditions, in the shelter and protected and we hear in 2013 the news of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, where seamstresses have died so that we can pay for our pretty clothes cheaper, we are says something's wrong, and something needs to be done.

So adoring shirts (we always look better in a shirt!), We tell ourselves that to counter these tragic events, we must put ethics back into our daily lives and why not launch the most ethical brand of shirts possible? So the But You’re French concept became obvious!

But You’re French is a disruptive and ethical brand offering an alternative to people who care about the planet and its inhabitants in a joyful spirit.

The beginnings of But You’re French

So after spending 18 years in Canada and Ireland in multinationals, back in our beautiful France, wanting to create But You’re French responded to a very personal wish to have a 100% ethical professional retraining, my choice was focused on "revaluing sewing work while respecting our planet".

The beginnings of the reconversion were difficult because all the people specialized in the French clothing industry were discouraged by the last decades which saw our French know-how being relocated.

And then by dint of believing in it, the skills were found thanks to Maria, a dressmaker specializing in shirts without whom nothing would have started! And the adventure has finally started.

What is an ethical shirt?

An ethical shirt means:

1. Respect all workers: cotton producers, weavers, dyers, manufacturers, dressmakers ...

2. Respect the environment by using raw materials of organic or natural origin and by producing as locally as possible

3. Respect know-how and pay them at their fair value

4. Rediscover the value of work and be proud of it!

Why 100% French manufacture ?

Well, it's very logical and Cartesian (French no?):

Producing in France is at the same time:

to perpetuate the fine French know-how,

ü keep and value jobs in the regions,

ü ensure decent and fair working conditions for all,

ü allow fair compensation for everyone in the sector,

ü and therefore contribute to the economic development of that beautiful country.

So yes of the French fabric: All the stages of the production of the fabric used by But You’re French take place in France in order to promote and perpetuate a unique textile know-how. Not only is the cotton 100% en coton biologique, it is also woven and dyed in France. Amazing isn't it?

So yes French buttons: The buttons are all in natural mother-of-pearl and are 100% made and colored in France.

So yes, French clothing: But You’re French shirts and items are all made in France; either by independent seamstresses or by a tailoring workshop specializing in high-end shirts and holder of the “Origine France Garantie” label

Why the name But You’re French?

So a brand name in English? Yes, it's 4 nods that But You’re French wanted to make:

ü A nod to our dear French culture - a clue: go see or re-watch the film "La Grande Vadrouille" and especially the bath scene. So ? Does that mean anything to you? "But then…"

ü English is also the international language, it connects a good number of human beings on the planet, and admit it, it's still great!

ü It is also to remember that despite the internationalization of the world, we remain French and can choose to consume 100% "Made In France"


And finally all French people who travel and who have to speak in English will have experienced the question "But You’re French?". Reminds you of something, doesn't it? and yes, we are French!


Here you know it all!

Why does But You’re French uses 100% organic cotton ?

Well, it’s super easy :

First of all, cotton is the down that envelops the seeds of the cotton plant.

Cotton is a plant fiber that is typically made into yarn and then woven into fabric. Cotton is the most important natural fiber produced in the world and accounts for more than half of the world consumption of textile fibers.

Yes, but why organic ?

Choosing organic cotton means contributing to the development of its culture, and therefore reducing the considerable impact of traditional cotton production on the environment.

Because traditional cotton is one of the crops that uses the most pesticides: it consumes more than 20% of agricultural insecticides for only 2.5% of agricultural land! The production of one kilo of cotton requires up to 29,000 liters of water!

And what does choosing organic cotton do for people and their planet *?

1. Organic cotton cultivation allows producers to improve their working conditions, their health and that of those around them.

2. The rotation of crops in organic farming helps to oxygenate the earth and preserve its wealth.

3. Organic cotton is grown with natural compost which replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

4. It is GMO-free and the water consumption necessary for its cultivation is halved compared to conventional cotton.

5. GOTS certified dyes are made without heavy metals or other carcinogenic substances.

6. Softer and more flexible, organic cotton fiber is thicker and hypoallergenic.

But You're French then, how do I know if it's organic cotton?

So it’s even easier because But You’re French only chooses suppliers that have the GOTS label. GOTS is the global benchmark in terms of organic fiber assessment based on independent certification of the entire supply chain.

*Sources :

GOTS sont réalisées sans métaux lourds ou autres substances cancérigènes.

  1. Plus douce et plus souple, la fibre de coton bio est plus épaisse et anallergique.
  2. But You’re French alors, comment je sais si c’est du coton bio ?

Alors c’est encore plus facile car But You’re French choisit uniquement des fournisseurs qui ont le label GOTS. GOTS est la référence mondiale en termes d'évaluation des fibres biologiques reposant sur une certification indépendante de toute la chaine d'approvisionnement.

*Sources :

From cottonseed to a shirt But You’re French ?

But You’re French makes a point of doing as many stages as possible in France.


Know-How Country of Origin
1. Farmer Seed, Cultivation, harvest and threshing of cotton India, Tanzania, Benin
2. Exporter Storage, Sorting and baling of cotton bales India, Tanzania, Benin
3. Spinning Carding, drawing, spinning France
4. Fabric designer Organic dyeing, weaving / knitting GOTS certified France
5. Transporter Transport of cotton, thread, rolls, shirts France
6. Button manufacturer Creation, manufacture and distribution of buttons France
7. Label manufacturer Creation, manufacture and distribution of labels France
8. Packaging manufacturer Creation, manufacture and distribution of packaging France
9. Styling Creation of models and collections France
10. Pattern creation Digital transformation of the patterns France
11. Sewing Cutting, assembly, sewing, folding, boxing France
12. Tailoring Taking measurements for tailored shirts France
13. Maintenance Repair and start-up of sewing and embroidery machines…. France
14. Embroidery Logo Embroidery France
15. Web Master Content creation and website updates France
16. Marketing Brand communication and public relations France
17. Community management Social network management and content creation France
18. Photograph Photos of shirts, models and videos France
19. Modelling Enhancement of shirts for the site and communication France
20. Selling Commercialisation des chemises France
21. Delivering Managing and sending the orders to customers France
22. Customer service Customer support and relations France
23. Project management Mise en place et suivi de toutes les étapes de la création à la commercialisation France

In summary, But You’re French is the new brand of shirts for men and women:

1. Made only from 100% organic cotton with GOTS Certification

2. Entirely made and manufactured in France using the famous fashion French know-how

3. With a choice of supplies (buttons, packaging…) as local and responsible as possible to participate in the economic development of our territory

4. And with tailor-made quality!

The B.Y.F. are ideal with suits or with jeans to be beautiful !

Where can I find But You’re French shirts?

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