La Braderie But You're French c'est maintenant
La Braderie But You're French c'est maintenant
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But You're french needs you !

To continue to develop But You're French and especially to perpetuate this beautiful, eco-responsible and French company, But You’re French needs you!

The cancellation of all trade shows and events, past and future, is having a detrimental effect on But You’re French and commercial activity is now almost at a standstill.

How can you help But You’re French?

  1. Buy or Offer a shirt on In the office or on video, we look better in a But You’re French shirt!
  2. Offer a voucher on for a birthday, a party (mother, father, cousin ...), a wedding (even offbeat!) ...

To thank you, But You’re French has put part of its collection in liquidation on the site in the COVID OFFER section

Sales at the new price will perhaps (we hope with all our hearts) keep this beautiful eco-responsible and French brand.

Take care of yourself !

But You're French

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