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"But You're French" tell me why organic cotton?

Why does But You’re French uses 100% organic cotton ?

Well, it’s super easy :

First of all, cotton is the down that envelops the seeds of the cotton plant.

Cotton is a plant fiber that is typically made into yarn and then woven into fabric. Cotton is the most important natural fiber produced in the world and accounts for more than half of the world consumption of textile fibers.

Yes, but why organic ?

Choosing organic cotton means contributing to the development of its culture, and therefore reducing the considerable impact of traditional cotton production on the environment.

Because traditional cotton is one of the crops that uses the most pesticides: it consumes more than 20% of agricultural insecticides for only 2.5% of agricultural land! The production of one kilo of cotton requires up to 29,000 liters of water!

And what does choosing organic cotton do for people and their planet *?

1. Organic cotton cultivation allows producers to improve their working conditions, their health and that of those around them.

2. The rotation of crops in organic farming helps to oxygenate the earth and preserve its wealth.

3. Organic cotton is grown with natural compost which replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

4. It is GMO-free and the water consumption necessary for its cultivation is halved compared to conventional cotton.

5. GOTS certified dyes are made without heavy metals or other carcinogenic substances.

6. Softer and more flexible, organic cotton fiber is thicker and hypoallergenic.

But You're French then, how do I know if it's organic cotton?

So it’s even easier because But You’re French only chooses suppliers that have the GOTS label. GOTS is the global benchmark in terms of organic fiber assessment based on independent certification of the entire supply chain.

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