50/5000 1 eco-responsible shirt purchased = 1 tree planted

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What does 1 shirt bought = 1 tree planted mean?

But You’re French pledged to plant a tree for every shirt purchase.

Our partnership with Reforest’Action allows us to act more for the environment through concrete action: 1 shirt purchased = 1 tree planted

The choice naturally fell on a forest in France: the forest in Saint Philbert-de-Pont-Charrault (85). See the project: https://www.reforestaction.com/saint-philbert-de-pont-charrault-85

What is an eco-responsible shirt?

But You're French shirts are eco-responsible. Being eco-responsible means participating in a civic and united approach to preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Why this initiative?

Because not only are But You're French shirts made from cotton of certified organic origin to preserve natural resources, cotton which is woven and dyed in France,

Not only But You're French shirts are made locally in New Aquitaine to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,

not only But You're French shirts are made in France to preserve our know-how and perpetuate French employment,

And because,

But You're French shirts are even more eco-responsible by creating a new active benefit on the planet by planting trees!

And what does a tree change?

  • 1 single tree compensates for 579 km by car
  • 1 single tree becomes 3 animal shelters
  • 1 single tree generates 4 months of oxygen
  • 1 single tree creates 1 hour of work

And why Reforest'Action?

A social enterprise founded in 2010, Reforest'Action enables individuals and businesses to take concrete action in favor of reforestation in France and around the world.

And you, where is your shirt made?

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